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Capital Canada Limited Participated as a Patron Sponsor at the Fascinating Canadian Luncheon

May 6th, 2024

Capital Canada Limited participated as a Patron Sponsor of the prestigious Fascinating Canadian Luncheon, part of the enriching cultural and educational programming at the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21. Our commitment to supporting and celebrating Canada's diverse heritage is a cornerstone of our business philosophy.


This past Friday, we were especially proud that the luncheon featured keynote speaker Dr. Ajay K. Virmani, President and CEO of Cargojet. Dr. Virmani's leadership and vision have significantly contributed to the logistics and transportation sectors in Canada.

Capital Canada Limited introduced Dr. Virmani to the air cargo opportunity and served as the financial advisor to Cargojet during a critical financing phase, a testament to our shared commitment to excellence. This partnership facilitated the acquisition and upgrade of Cargojet's fleet, enabling it to enhance its service capabilities across North America.


The Fascinating Canadian Luncheon is not just a gathering but a platform that honours the stories of our nation and serves as a testament to the strength of partnerships in fostering business growth and innovation. We are proud to support initiatives that celebrate the achievements of Canadians like Dr. Virmani, who play a vital role in shaping our economic landscape. This event is a celebration of our shared heritage and the individuals who continue to build a promising future for Canada.


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