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Business Sales and Divestitures

We work with clients in the sale of businesses and the divestiture of assets. Our highly experienced transaction team is focused on maximizing value for our clients and completing transactions in the most efficient and effective manner possible. We become a valued partner to our clients and provide expert guidance at every step of the transaction process. By leveraging our network of strategic and financial buyers, we regularly exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our Approach

We work with our clients to determine their financial and non-financial transaction objectives. We seek to identify considerations that will be important to the success of a sale transaction and develop strategies to mitigate challenges. We provide valuation guidance and help refine our clients’ expectations.

With objectives established, our role transitions to compiling information, performing diligence and analysis activities and developing marketing materials which will be used in a sale process. We also work with clients to identify prospective buyers and customize a transaction process that will maximize competitive tensions and deliver value. We leverage our knowledge and experience to anticipate and address buyer demands.

With preparation work complete, we commence marketing the sale transaction, proceeding with alacrity in order to preserve confidentiality and achieve the desired outcome.

We are experts at negotiating and structuring sale transactions. We aim to creatively apply our knowledge to see the timely and successful transaction completion.

Our Track Record

$2 Billion+

Value Realized for Entrepreneurs


Transactions Closed

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