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Merger and Acquisition Advisory Services

We assist our clients in the planning and execution of their merger and acquisition strategy. At the planning stage, we provide expert guidance on acquisition strategy, including value and financing considerations. We work with our clients to develop a target list and undertake outreach activities on behalf of our clients. Much like the process that we undertake for Business Sales and Divestitures, we aim to develop a deep understanding of our clients’ business and develop a responsive merger and acquisition strategy.

When a target is identified, we work with our clients to determine the strategic fit, conduct detailed financial analysis (including value implications), and due diligence activities. We work with our clients to determine an optimal bid strategy. We can also arrange financing for the transaction.

With respect to merger and acquisition transactions, we typically provide the following services:

  • Determining transaction objectives

  • Identifying potential suitors or targets

  • Providing valuation guidance

  • Developing the optimal capital structure for a transaction

  • Procuring the necessary financing, consisting of all types of debt and equity

  • Negotiating and structuring a transaction

  • Coordinating legal, tax, accounting and other closing-related activities

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