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Growth Financing

Our focus is on the Canadian private capital markets. We access capital from a variety of sources, including financial institutions, institutional investors, family offices, private equity funds and high-net-worth individuals.

We offer clients our real-time knowledge of the continuously changing and evolving private capital markets. We provide our clients with expert advice and analysis based on this knowledge and work tirelessly to achieve the best transaction outcome.

Through high-quality presentation materials, detailed and thoughtful analysis, and a wide-ranging network of sources of capital, we help businesses achieve the most favorable pricing and terms available in the market for senior and subordinated debt and equity capital.


We have extensive knowledge of, and relationships with, key financial decision-makers at a wide variety of financing sources. We provide an honest and accurate view of the market and offer our clients with the highest probability of successful financing.

Our Approach

We assist entrepreneurs and businesses throughout the entire capital raising process. Our role is to provide expert guidance to our clients and leverage our experience, knowledge, and network.

In a typical capital raising assignment, we work with our clients to understand their business and financial requirements. We provide advice on the optimal capital structure based on the prevailing capital market environment. We then prepare analysis, documentation and marketing materials materials designed to present the financing opportunity to investors and/or lenders in a clear and concise manner.

Our role expands to engaging with capital markets investors and/or lenders on behalf of our clients. Using our network and digital tools, we determine who the likely universe of potential investors and lenders will be. We also develop a competitive environment among the various sources of capital to ensure a successful outcome for both our clients and investors/lenders.

We continue to provide services to our clients throughout the due diligence and negotiation phases of the capital raising process. We also oversee the documentation and financial transaction closing process.

The placement of equity or debt to one or more investors and/or lenders can be an attractive means of raising capital. It is our experience that privately raising equity and debt capital can be completed more expeditiously than many available alternatives, often at a lower cost to our clients and with a higher level of confidentiality and flexibility.

Our Track Record

$1.5 Billion+

Total Financing Raised


Transactions Closed

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