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Bridgehead Coffee

January 29, 2024

Capital Canada Limited is pleased to announce its role as the exclusive sell-side advisor to Aegis Brands Inc. in connection with the sale of its subsidiary, Bridgehead Coffee (2000) Inc.'s roasting, wholesale, and coffeehouse operations to PILOT COFFEE ROASTERS Group of Companies.

The transaction marks a significant strategic move for Aegis Brands, allowing them to further focus on the growth of their St. Louis brand. Bruce Miller, CEO of Pilot Coffee Roasters, shared his enthusiasm about welcoming Bridgehead into their family, highlighting shared values and plans to enhance specialty coffee offerings across Canada.

Capital Canada Limited was pleased to serve as the exclusive sell-side advisor, ensuring a smooth and professional experience.

Steven Pelton, President and CEO of Aegis Brands Inc., stated: “Capital Canada has been instrumental in the facilitation of this transaction. We extend our gratitude to Jack Steckel and his team, whose actions and extensive relationships played a pivotal role in identifying the ideal purchaser for Bridgehead Coffee."

Bruce Miller, CEO of PILOT COFFEE ROASTERS, stated: “Jack from Capital Canada not only brought us a great opportunity but worked with us throughout the process to ensure an efficient and professional experience.”

Full press release: Link


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